Luxury Four Seasons For Home

Ref. INN1301BTX

Luxury Sublime Spray 150ml + Luxury Sublime Skin Protection 50ml  + Luxury Sublime oil 50ml (FREE)

UV protection. Luxurious lotion developed to bring youthfulness back to your hair. Sublime waters enriched with vitamin E, pro-vitamin B5 and pomegranate extract. Formulated for comprehensive hair protection. UVA and UVB solar filters. It forms an invisible film that protects and prolongs hair color. It guaranteesan effective defence against external environmental aggressions such as sun exposure, sea water, or chlorine from swimming pools. Leaves hair extremely shiny, silky and with extraordinary vitality.

SPF 50+. Fast absorbing and light touch emulsion formulated with aloe vera and a combination of sunscreens that protect the skin from the damaging effects of uva and uvb rays. Leaves skin soft and supple, without a trace of white. It is waterproof. Excellent application.

Total glow. Fast absorbing dry oil that enhances skin with attractive golden flecks, providing skin and hair with a stunning sheen and pleasant fragance. Contains a blend of vegetable oils (sesame, olive, argan, almond and sunflower seed oil). Rich in essential fatty acids with recognised moisturizing, nourishing, protective and softening properties. It leaves a radiant skin and with velvety feeling. The sesame and argan oils are organic does not contain mineral oil, silicone or alcohol.